Benjamin Parzybok

Benjamin Parzybok is the creator of Gumball Poetry, a (now defunct) journal published through gumball machines, the Psychic Book Project and the Black Magic Insurance Agency, a city-wide mystery/treasure hunt. His projects have twice been selected as Best of Portland for theWillamette Week: “Best Guy Who Walks His Talk” and “Best Quarter’s Worth of Culture.”

Parzybok’s previous jobs include: congressional page, ghostwriter for the governor of Washington, web developer, Taiwanese factory technical writer, asbestos removal janitor, potato sorter, advertising copywriter, waiter, house painter, caterer, UPS unloader, alphabetizer, grocery clerk, and carpenter’s apprentice. Besides freelancing, his most recent start up is Walker Tracker, a walking community for pedometer enthusiasts.

He received a BA in Creative Writing from the Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA. He has lived in Central America, Taiwan, R.O.C., Ecuador, up and down the Pacific Northwest, and now lives in Portland, Oregon, with the writer Laura Moulton and their two children.

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