Iambik Discontinues Development of “LibriVox” Iphone App

Some of you have been using the Librivox Selections app produced by Iambik to enjoy selected audiobooks from the LibriVox collection. You may have noticed that some features in the applications have stopped working.

We have decommissioned this app, and will not be supporting it further.

As Iambik founder Hugh McGuire (who happens to also be the founder of LibriVox) explained, “We’ve decided to keep our attention focused on producing great new audiobooks in partnership with publishers, and the LibriVox app didn’t fit in with our focus. There are some very good audiobook apps out there already giving access to the LibriVox catalog, and we’d prefer to let app developers continue their good work, while we spend our time making more great audiobooks.”

Some alternatives include:

We’re sure there are many more; feel free to let us know what we’re missing in the comments.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you continue to enjoy our outstanding audiobooks.


2 thoughts on “Iambik Discontinues Development of “LibriVox” Iphone App

  1. Audiobook Pop! curates the audiobooks by theme. So far there are:
    1) Audiobooks For Your Kids
    2) Audiobook Sci-Fi
    3) Audiobooks Austen (a Jane Austen anthology)
    4) Audiobooks – Tales (folk tales and fairy tales from around the world)

    I’m one of the creators. All apps are only 99 cents on Android or iTunes.


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