Iambik makes audio of books we love.

Iambik is a bit different from traditional audiobook publishers, though. We partner with print/e-book publishers and authors, and work with a collective of skilled independent audiobook makers around the world. We record new books and old ones, great books that have been overlooked by traditional audio publishers.

We work almost exclusively on a revenue-share basis, with narrators, publishers/authors, and iambik all sharing in successful audiobooks.

Our prices are low. We don’t have any digital rights management (DRM).

  • If you are an audiobook listener, we want your feedback and your audiobook requests.
  • If you are a publisher and have books you’d like to turn into audio, you can get in touch.
  • If you are an audiobook narrator who would like to make audiobooks, please contact us!

Iambik is brought to you by some of the people who make LibriVox.org – where you can find oodles of public domain audiobooks, all for the price of Free!


Iambik is a network of people who like books, making audiobooks, and the internet (maybe you’d like to join us?).

We started up in 2010 and we’re still lean, but we’ve got a great team around the world:

  • GesineGesine Kernchen is iambik’s CEO. Originally hankering after a working life in print publishing, and narrowly missing a career in the British Library, she instead got seduced into the dark and mysterious world of IT. She was among the first admins of LibriVox and now finds herself in the enviable position of combining her first and second loves: books, and the internet.
  • NadineNadine Eckert-Boulet is iambik’s Production Manager. Her day job does not involve much literature (after years as a geeky scientist working at the University, she now deals with intellectual property), so she decided to make up for that by joining LibriVox where she became an administrator. By some weird chain of events she now stands for production management at Iambik. A self-confessed nitpicker, her attention to detail ferrets out even the tiniest flaws in the making of iambik’s books.
  • Miette Elm is Iambik’s some-time marketing gal, some-time web gal, some-time narrator gal, and the rest of the time, a working writer and insatiable reader.  She started narrating and listening to books as a way to get under the hood and better understand the mechanics of great writing.  But there’s an infinite amount to understand about great writing, so she’s still going.
  • HughHugh McGuire is iambik’s founder and President. He is also the founder of LibriVox – the free public domain audiobook project. He’s the co-founder of PressBooksBook OvenBite-Size Editsearideas, and BookCampToronto and has done a few other webby things.



Thanks to all these publishers who believe that something great can be achieved if you decide to break the mold: Akashic BooksBiblioasisCoach House BooksCoffee House PressCursor/Red LemonadeGraywolf PressLippincott Massie McQuilkin (agents), Movable Type Literary Group (agents), OR BooksSoho PressTin House Books.


Thanks to all these great people who put their time and voice beind the Iambik project and helped us get off the ground:Miette ElmsRuth GoldingJohn GreenmanKristin HughesGord MackenzieGregg MargariteMark Douglas NelsonCori SamuelKaren Savage, and Peter Yearsley.


Thanks also to our great founding group of prooflisteners, who helped make sure our audiobooks said the right things: Betsie Bush, Linda Andrus, Nadine Eckert-Boulet, Diana Majlinger, Mary McCullough, Elizabeth Medeiros, and MaryAnn Spiegel.


Email – general: contact@iambik.com
Email – help: help@iambik.com
Twitter: @iambikaudio
Facebook: iambik audio

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