LibriVox Selections iPhone App

LibriVox Selections logoIambik Audiobooks is pleased to announce the official unveiling of the LibriVox Selections iPhone App (cost, for now, $1.99). Description:

The best LibriVox recordings, all in one place. The app is 1.99, after that everything is free!

LibriVox Selections brings together a curated collection of hundreds of favourite audiobooks (mostly solo recordings) from LibriVox, the free public domain audiobook project.

This app helps you get to the best LibriVox recordings, mostly solo recordings with good sound quality.

Selections in this app are made by LibriVox founder Hugh McGuire and a group of trusted audio advisors.

I’ve heard so many times over the years about how hard it is to navigate through the huge LibriVox catalog to find the really good recordings. The LibriVox ethic is come one, come all for those making recordings, and that, truly is a wonderful thing. But not everyone wants readers changing from book to book. Not everyone is prepared for the other hiccups in LibriVox recordings: variable sound quality, and readers of a more amateur nature.

This app aims to solve that problem, by making the selections ahead of time, so that you can be confident of the quality of the recordings before you start listening. Depending on what we learn from this experience, we’ll consider moving into the mobile space with an iambik app.

Download and let us know what you think here.