New literary and crime audiobook releases: November 2, 2011

Need a soundtrack to days of falling leaves and nights of crackling fires?  We have a true potpourri of aural delicacies, with rich literary offerings, crackpot comedic pursuits, and brow-climbing crime fiction.   To further tempt you under the covers, how about a discount?  Enter the code november-listening at checkout through November 12, 2011 for a 20% discount on all orders.  Here’s what’s new:

From Dark Places coverThe Bee-Loud Glade by Steve Himmer. Narrated by Mark F. Smith.  Published in print by Atticus Books.
“An allegorical novel that seems eerily contemporary. Thoreau meets Ballard, meets Huysmans and many more.” — Tom McCarthy, author of Remainder and C


Couch coverCouch by Benjamin Parzybok. Narrated by Gregg Margarite.  Published in print by Small Beer Press.
“Delightfully lighthearted writing. . . . Occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, the enthusiastic prose carries readers through sporadic dark moments . . . Parzybok’s quirky humor recalls the flaws and successes of early Douglas Adams.” — Publisher’s Weekly



Sweet & Lowdown coverSweet & Lowdown by Lise McClendon. Narrated by Mark Douglas Nelson.  Published in print by Thalia Press.
“McClendon lightly handles all the threads, using a taut, staccato style that perfectly complements her edgy, skittish heroine. (“She lighted a Lucky and leaned against the wall by the ladies’ lounge. She’d seen the inside of too many nightclubs. In the dark, where anything can happen, and usually did.”) The author masterfully evokes the period, from details of dress to a rally for Wendell Willkie. This is a book to be savored read it too fast and you might miss something.” — Publisher’s Weekly

The Stone Gallows coverThe Stone Gallows by C. David Ingram. Narrated by Mark F. Smith.  Published in print by Myrmidon.
“In this first book by C David Ingram, we have a new detective who can operate outside the constraints the police force need to observe. Ingram has said in interviews and in the acknowledgements that he is writing further stories featuring Cameron Stone. This great first book makes me want to read the next installment – Ingram having promised some interesting times ahead for Cameron Stone.” Eurocrime

Wild Turkey coverWild Turkey by Michael Hemmingson. Narrated by Robert Keiper.  Published in print by Tor Forge.
“Within Hemmingson’s fiction is an oddly twisted brand of sin and redemption. His characters are over-whelmed by their sins and bring out justice upon themselves, or other characters enact the karma for them.” — American Book Review


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