eMusic Loves Iambik

Well, it’s kind of nice to get this from a distribution partner:

eMusic Loves Iambik Audio
by Scott Esposito

In a world saturated with iPods, smartphones and tablets, it’s no surprise that audiobooks have become a billion-dollar business. But where does the discerning bibliophile go for the hip, overlooked books that have been eclipsed by the kings of the audio world?

Iambik Audio is one answer. It bristles with street cred, with a founders circle that includes the man behind an all-volunteer effort to make over 3,318 out-of-copyright books available for free in 29 languages. It also boasts a founding publisher list that reads like a who’s who of indie imprints — Tin House Books, Graywolf Press, Akashic Books and Cursor/Red Lemonade among them.

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