Bourbon, Bar Girls, and Books: Introducing Crime Collection #3

Complete Crime Fiction Collection Number 3 cover From swinging Kansas City of the ’30s to the grit of today’s Glasgow, the heroes and heroines of our newest Crime Fiction take you to the dirtier side of histories real and imagined. In this collection, redemption takes all shapes, from the south of France to a bottle of bourbon. Enjoy any of these titles for $6.99, or pick up the entire collection, over 46 hours of great listening, for only $24.99.

One O’Clock Jump by Lise McClendon. Narrated by Mark Douglas Nelson.  Published in print by Thalia Press.
“Segueing neatly from the ski slopes of contemporary Wyoming (1999’s Nordic Nights) to the Kansas City of Count Basie and FDR’s fireside chats, McClendon debuts an excellent historical series, with evocative period dialogue and a story line full of surprises. Iris Jackson is a woman with a secret, but not for long. PI Dorie Lennox, hired to tail the meatpacker’s “bar girl,” thinks her first solo job is over when Iris jumps into the Missouri River, but this is just the beginning. […] With little to go on, Dorie follows what leads she has straight into a web of false identities, cover-ups and fraud.” — Publishers Weekly

Sweet and Lowdown by Lise McClendon. Narrated by Mark Douglas Nelson.  Published in print by Thalia Press.
“McClendon lightly handles all the threads, using a taut, staccato style that perfectly complements her edgy, skittish heroine. (“She lighted a Lucky and leaned against the wall by the ladies’ lounge. She’d seen the inside of too many nightclubs. In the dark, where anything can happen, and usually did.”) The author masterfully evokes the period, from details of dress to a rally for Wendell Willkie. This is a book to be savored read it too fast and you might miss something.” — Publishers Weekly

The Stone Gallows by C. David Ingram. Narrated by Mark F. Smith. Published in print by Myrmidon.
“In this first book by C David Ingram, we have a new detective who can operate outside the constraints the police force need to observe. Ingram has said in interviews and in the acknowledgements that he is writing further stories featuring Cameron Stone. This great first book makes me want to read the next installment – Ingram having promised some interesting times ahead for Cameron Stone.”Eurocrime

Wild Turkey by Michael Hemmingson. Narrated by Robert Keiper. Published in print by Tor Forge.
“Within Hemmingson’s fiction is an oddly twisted brand of sin and redemption. His characters are over-whelmed by their sins and bring out justice upon themselves, or other characters enact the karma for them.” — American Book Review

Blackbird Fly by Lise McClendon. Narrated by Denice Stradling.  Published in print by Thalia Press.
“This is a book that . . . one might class as a literary suspense novel. A great deal goes into character growth and change, and McClendon’s obvious love for the French countryside is evident in her description of land and people. If one is looking for a slam-bang action yarn, look elsewhere; BLACKBIRD FLY is a rewarding read for the discerning.” —