In memoriam: Gregg Margarite

We are so deeply saddened to learn of the sudden death of Iambik founding narrator and prolific Librivox short sci-fi enthusiast Gregg Margarite.

Gregg participated in Iambik’s inaugural literary fiction collection with Gordon Lish’s Collected Fictions, to which Gregg contributed over 16 hours of audio.  He branched into the crime fiction genre with his release of Terry Griggs’ Thought You Were Dead, and most recently for Iambik, lent his distinctive baritone to Iambik’s production of Benjamin Pazybok’s Couch.

In the wider world, Gregg was well-known for his hundreds of public domain recordings on, and his penetrating eye and ear for science fiction short fiction masterworks.  Some of his self-recommended titles, as well as an archive of his interviews with the website SFFAudio, can be found on his website, Acoustic Pulp.

The world of digital audiobook production is a small and tightly-knit one, and to suggest we’ve lost a family member is not euphemistic.  Gregg’s work, his wit, his dedication and his knowledge will be sorely missed, although we realise our great fortune in knowing his voice will live on.

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5 thoughts on “In memoriam: Gregg Margarite

  1. Das ist eine sehr traurige Nachricht.

    I have just recently discovered his works, and said to myself “That’s how it is done. Amazing!”. He got better and better. I’ll miss his voice.

  2. I have, in the last 4 months become a member of librivox–had become very enthused with Gregg’s brilliant interpretations of some of my favorite SF authors– only to discover-this eve, his demise. He leaves a very concrete and honest legacy– few of us mortals should be so appreciated and blessed in the gifts he has left behind. Thank you, my friend and fellow human..
    Edgar Hume- 10/9/13

  3. He had such a great voice and excellent style of speech and made so many stories so much better by it. It’s a rare gift to have left so much public domain audio behind as a legacy. Countless people will continue to enjoy them and wish he were still around to do more. I’m a huge fan.

  4. I just discovered the brilliant sci-fi readings by Gregg in His storytelling has awoken a great interest in sci-fi and I look forward to listening to many more of his recordings. His readings have provided me much enjoyment and are such a pleasure to listen to. What are great legacy to leave. Thank you!

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