Dark Fiction: New Releases for September 21, 2011

This week, we’re acknowledging the lengthening of the nights with two fine works of dark, dark fiction. While these excellent titles are proven to treat symptoms associated with the onset of cold weather malaise, we cannot be responsible for what they do to your dreams.  Please do not listen at bedtime unless directed by a professional.

From Dark Places coverFrom Dark Places by E.J. Newman. Narrated by Emma Newman.  Published in print by eMergent Publishing.
“Newman is unafraid to explore the darker side of fiction and, by extension, life. The stories are by turns touching and funny and heartwarming. And dark. In places very, very dark. Leave the light on.” — Dan Powell, 2010 Yeovil Literary Prize winner


One O'Clock Jump coverOne O’Clock Jump by Lise McClendon. Narrated by Mark Douglas Nelson.  Published in print by Thalia Press.
“Segueing neatly from the ski slopes of contemporary Wyoming (1999’s Nordic Nights) to the Kansas City of Count Basie and FDR’s fireside chats, McClendon debuts an excellent historical series, with evocative period dialogue and a story line full of surprises.” — Publishers Weekly


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