Announcing: Crime Collection #1

We’re very excited to announce the newest release from iambik audiobooks: a wonderful collection of indie whodunnits, mystery, crime, and noir.

Complete Crime Collection #1 Cover We have Witness to Myself, from the noir craftsman Seymour Shubin, whom Tony Hillerman calls,  “a master of prose, one of the very best.” Suicide Casanova, by Arthur Nersesian is our very first forray into gritty erotic thrillers, which calls: “perverse and filthy, funny and charming, and utterly compelling.” The Tattoo Murder Case is the famed first novel from Japan’s most acclaimed mystery writer, Akimitsu Takagi, and should give a certain Swedish series a run for its money. DC Brod’s Getting Sassy is part off-beat thriller, part touching portrait of a daughter struggling with her mother’s mental decline.

These books and six more gems come from some of our favourite indie publishers doing some of the most exciting work in letters in English: Akashic Books, Hard Case Crime, Soho Press, HandE Publishing, and Tyrus Books.

With each book priced at $6.99, you can’t afford not to buy one! Even better, you could get the whole collection of ten beautifully read audibooks for only $44.99.

The whole collection includes:

* All or Nothing, by Preston L. Allen, narrated by Mark Nelson  (Akashic Books)

“By turns harrowing, illuminating, and endearing, All or Nothing is more than a gut punch, it’s a damn good book.” –Maggie Estep

* Suicide Casanova, by Arthur Nersesian, narrated by Mark Smith (Akashic Books)

“Suicide Casanova is very New York, perverse and filthy, funny and charming, and utterly compelling.” —

* It’s Behind You, by Keith Temple, narrated by Ruth Golding (HandE Pubishers)

“Keith Temple has obviously had great fun writing about a world he knows well in his debut novel” — Stirling Observer

* Fade to Blonde, by Max Phillips, narrated by Gordon Mackenzie (Hard Case Crime)

“The author has the eye and the ear and the cojones to keep pace with all this fond brutality.” — The New Yorker

* Witness to Myself, by Seymour Shubin, narrated by John Michaels (Hard Case Crime)

“Shubin is one of those making art of the mystery…a master of prose, one of the very best.” — Tony Hillerman

* High Season, by Jon Loomis, narrated by Charles Bice (Minotaur Books)

“Full of entertaining twists and sly observations, this is a perfect book for late summer reading.” — Publishers Weekly

* Death of a Nationalist, by Rebecca Pawel, narrated by Elizabeth Klett (Soho Press)

“Pawel anchors a tense and exciting story with a terrific and complex plot.”—Detroit Free Press

* Tattoo Murder Case, by Akimitsu Takagi, narrated by Mark Douglas (Soho Press)

“Takagi, Japan’s most acclaimed mystery writer, has created a first-rate mystery, excellently translated into English.” –Library Journal

* Getting Sassy, by D.C. Brod, narrated by Karen Savage (Tyrus Books)

“[T]he surprisingly affecting portrait of a woman caught in the midst of a parent’s sad but sure mental decline”. — Booklis

* Late Rain, by Lynn Kostoff, narrated by Kenneth Campbell (Tyrus Books)

“One of those rare novels that transcend genre fiction; it is writing at its very best, brilliant from start to finish.” —Charlie Stella

For more information, or to just talk about audiobooks, or indie publishing, or good books you’ve read recently, please get in touch with us:

tel: +1.514.464.2047

And here are the lovely covers:

Complete Crime Collection #1 Cover

All or Nothing Cover

Death of a Nationalist Cover

Fade to Blonde Cover

Getting Sassy Cover

High Season Cover

Suicide Cassanova Cover

Tattoo Murder Case Cover

Witness to Myself Cover

Late Rain Cover

It's Behind You Cover

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