Captivating. Impressive. Nuanced. Kind Reviews & Giveaway Time

We’ve gotten lucky lately with some lovely reviews from around the web, and thought we’d share a couple of our recent favourites with you.  Since we turn all kinds of red from gushing at kind words, to restore our humility, we’re offering a chance to win up to 3 titles of your choice (between now and February 10, 2012).  Read to the bottom of the post for details.  And to those who’ve taken the time to listen and review our titles, thank you.  If you’re a blogger, Goodreads member, or reviewer, feel free to contact Miette for review copies of any Iambik title.

LITERARY FICTION: From Dark Places by E.J. Newman

Audiobook listeners who heard E.J. Newman’s recent reading of Graham Storrs’ Timesplash will no doubt be well aware of her ability to draw the listener in to the narrative of a well-written tale.

A further release, a collection of 25 short stories entitled From Dark Places not only gives the author another platform to display her capabilities as an excellent storyteller and but also as a writer.

E.J. Newman’s approach as a writer is captivating, far from taking a one-dimensional stance, she approaches her subject by thinking outside the box and making each tale in the collection different.

Andy Howells on From Dark Places by E.J. Newman, read by E.J. Newman

ROMANCE: Trencarrow Street by Anita Davison

The interpretation by Ruth Golding captivated my attention from the get go. Ms. Golding’s seasoned voice and accurate interpretations of the characters lend the perfect ambiance to the novel. The distinctive male voices are impressive as well as the different tones she applies to give the novel the authenticity that nicely brings the story to life.

Ms. Golding is a new- to me narrator, but one I’m not planning to shy away from in the future.

Hot Listens (Romance Audiobooks) on Trencarrow Secret by Anita Davison, read by Ruth Golding

Trencarrow Secret could be described as Gothic, but it doesn’t take place in the traditional Gothic setting. Trencarrow is an open and airy mansion filled with the Harts’ friends and relations all congregating for Isabel’s twenty-first birthday. The Gothic moodiness is in Isabel’s mind, where her fears cast a shadow over everything and everyone…

Ruth Golding does a fabulous job. Her older-sounding voice lends a feel of nostalgia to the story, as if Isabel is thinking back to her time in Trencarrow.

Nerfreader on Trencarrow Secret by Anita Davison, read by Ruth Golding

CRIME: Death of a Nationalist by Rebecca Pawel

My point is: Death of a Nationalist has all the strength and authenticity of a novel written in the 1930′s. The writing style, historical details and psychology of the narrative reminded me so much of Nada by Carmen Laforet that I completely mistook Pawel for a contemporary. There is an immediacy to the events and opinions, an absence of hindsight, that I thought would be hard to create so long after the fact.

Elizabeth Klett, who narrates Death of a Nationalist, does a great job. Her character voices are nuanced, each is imbued with subtle individuality. I’ll definitely be listening to more of her work.

BookSexy Review on Death of a Nationalist by Rebecca Pawel, read by Elizabeth Klett

SCIENCE FICTION: Fall from Earth by Matthew Johnson

I read, er, listened to this book over the past day. This was my first ever audio book and it was life changing. The book itself was incredible. Matthew Johnson creates a world full of wonder and and excitement. And the world is very vivid.

Now review time. Shi Jin, and a group of convicts, are sent to a world to terraform and colonize it. However, as Shi Jin soon discovers that not is all that it seems to be. After the appearance of some mysterious creatures Shi Jin and the other convicts enter into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, but who is the cat and mouse? Wait, is that a dog? Now they are playing Dog-Cat-Mouse. Now things have gotten complicated. Who will prevail?

I listened to this book as read by Emma Newman and let me just say that she did an amazing job. Emma has change my opinion on audio books. She has an amazing voice for reading these kinds of books.

The Pirate’s Bounty on Fall from Earth by Matthew Johnson, narrated by E.J. Newman

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  2. Listening to “Fall from Earth” right now & enjoying both the story and the reading, so I might have to go for “Timesplash” or Ms. Newman’s own “From Dark Places.”

    Mainly, though, I’m wishing I had an extra set of ears to listen to all these great books along with everything else I do!

  3. I’m a fan of crime and science fiction, so I’d go for Death of a Nationalist or Fall
    From Earth.

  4. Any will be dearly welcomed! Read it and I will listen. While working, while walking, while doing the dishes…my mp3 is always with one of the earbuds in so i can delightfully devour another audible hour…loved and listened to you for years, Miette!

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