Speaking up: some listener comments

I was looking at Iambik’s ever-growing catalog the other day, and to my delight, noticed some of the comments our narrators, proof-listeners, and listeners have been adding to some of our titles.  Apparently, I’m easy to please.  If you’re looking for recommendations for Iambik titles, here’s a small sampling of what we’ve had to say so far:

“A funny little story with an interesting look at human nature. I really enjoyed listening to Gordon read this to me.”
Linda Andrus on Andrew Kaufman’s All My Friends are Superheroes (Coach House Books), narrated by Gordon Mackenzie.

“You know how it is when you see a really great movie and all through the day for the next week you suddenly notice there’s a little scene from it playing in your head? Or when a snippet of music surfaces into your awareness from some unconscious dj in your mind? I keep hearing Tadhg’s voice here and there through the day, dished up by my internal mp3 player. Tadhg’s reading for this book is fresh and off-hand, flawed* and absolutely perfect**.”
Anita Roy Dobbs on The Failure by James Greer

“One of Joe Coomer’s best books (so far) … colorful characters living unique, yet realistic, lives. Lee Ann Howlett brings additional depth to the characters through her narration.”
Betsie Bush on Joe Coomer’s One Vacant Chair (Graywolf Press)

“This very enjoyable book reminds me of Gaston Leroux’ mysteries. Once you hear the solution to it, you cannot help but slam your head, thinking: why did I not see that? It is so logical, it is beautiful. All the clues are there, and yet…”
Nadine Eckert-Boulet on The Tattoo Murder Case by Akimitsu Takagi

“Completely loved this book – great style of writing, interesting (zany) characters, good mystery, funny yet thoughful. Fantastic narration, too, and really fitted well with the book.”
Gesine Kernchen on High Season by Jon Loomis, narrated by Charles Bice

“Excellent story; once I started listening, I could not stop until the end. Very compelling story and extremely well read by the narrator.”
Elaine Klett on Death of a Nationalist by Rebecca Pawel, read by Elizabeth Klett

“The text itself swims with demanding plot twists and labyrinthine language games, which can be a joy to read though a challenge over audio, but which Yearsley nicely lays straight. Excellently done.”
Erm, ME, on Peter Yearsley’s narration of Laird Hunt’s The Impossibly (Coffee House Press)

Listened to our titles?  Leave a comment!  I might send you a penny or more for your thoughts.  Maybe.