Iambik’s Turning One! Let’s Celebrate with a Giveaway Bash

With almost 100 titles published during our infant first year, we’re happy to call ourselves prodigious. But before we go bragging by selling out concert halls or explaining the secrets of cold fusion, string theory, and old-fashioned lead-to-gold conversion, we thought we’d share our big day with you in the more classic tradition:

We’re giving away audiobooks!

That’s right. If your pockets are empty or you’ve been waiting for an excuse, now’s your chance to fill your ears with the sweet sound of a successful first year. And I’m not talking about the sounds of screaming, feeding, or diaper changing. We’re prodigies, remember?

Here’s what we’re giving away:

  • Grand Prize (1 winner): Your choice of any 10 books from our catalog.
  • Second Prize (1 winner): Your choice of any 5 books from our catalog.
  • Third Prize (5 winners): Your choice of any 1 book from our catalog.

You can enter via the usual channels: likes and follows etc. But for a greater chance of winning, we want to know your earliest bookish memory. What was the first book you read? The first book that was read to you? The first audiobook y0u listened to?  See the widget below for complete details and all the ways to win. Good luck, and here’s to a successful second year.

This contest will run for two weeks, so you have until the October 19, 2011 – our birthday – to collect entries.  Winners to be notified on October 20, 2011.

Note: the little (+) by each option shows you how many entries that option is worth!

31 thoughts on “Iambik’s Turning One! Let’s Celebrate with a Giveaway Bash

  1. I forgot this part. The first book read to me was “The Night Before Christmas. The first book that I read was “The Little Engine Who Thought He Could”. I can still remember the excitement of getting up the mountain, I was chugging along with him. I have listened to so many audio books that I can’t remember which one was first.

  2. While I am not qualified to win, I love remembering and sharing my early reading experiences … I was an early reader in Kindergarten and vividly recall the time the teacher had to leave the room and asked me to read to the class while she was gone. I read the book Ten Apples Up On Top, and was very nervous. I remember that what impressed me the most about this book was that it had a black cover!

  3. My aunt used to read us the Ramayana and the Journey to the West. Those were endless, beautiful summers.

  4. Cinderella was my first audiobook. I had it on casette when I was a kid. It enhanced my reading skills (since it had a storybook that went with it)and have proper diction (and probably accent, considering I’m from Asia). The best part was that I memorized the entire book! I mimicked the audio very well! Up to now, I can still recite the the entire Cinderella story! I have loved audiobook since! 😉 Thanks for the giveaway! Hope I win! <3

  5. I don’t remember anyone ever reading to me, which against all common wisdom probably fueled my desire to learn to read for myself. I didn’t like picture books as a child and don’t remember any of them. The first novel I remember reading was “A Girl of the Limberlost” by Gene Stratton Porter. I was probably seven or eight, and it was a difficult book for my reading level. I thought it was very exotic and that it took place somewhere far away, but when I re-read it as an adult, I realized that it takes place in Indiana, less than 200 miles from where I grew up in Chicago. I have “A Girl of the Limberlost” and “Freckles” in my Kindle app to read again.

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  7. The first book I ever read by myself was “Go Dog Go”. I loved those crazy canines. I made sure to acquire a copy for my daughters to learn on and they love it as much as I still do!

  8. My earliest bookish memory is getting caught with my flashlight, reading under the covers, after I was supposed to be asleep.

    Although I do not remember my first book or the first book read to me, my favorite bookish memory is reading the Harry Potter series to my kids. We would read one chapter a night and thoroughly enjoyed the whole series that way.

    My first audiobook was Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore.

    I love audiobooks!

    Dorothy – The Alaskan Bookie
    Blog ~ http://alaskanbookie.blogspot.com/
    Twitter ~ http://twitter.com/AkChocoholic

  9. The first book I remember reading is Robert Heinlein’s Space Cadet. I can’t remember which was the absolute first audiobook I ever listened to, but the first one I purchased when I signed up for Audible in May 2001 was Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  10. Growing up in the 1950s with no books in the house save a dusty tombstone-sized bible, I came to reading through the BBC radio show Children’s Hour. The first great reading I recall was a fantasy novel called Marianne Dreams, narrated by a true gent called David Davis. His voice was like a warm calm ocean. He could have stopped a world-war all on his own; perhaps he did, too.

  11. Happy One Year and congratulations on a job well done! I just learned about Iambiks through Audiobook Jukebox. I just started my first listen to one of your audiobooks for review.
    What a pleasant surprise to get an email for a Birthday giveaway.
    I have been a reader since as early as I can remember although I don’t recall my parents reading to me. My earliest book memories are Black Beauty and Smoky the Cowhorse. The first audiobook I remember? hmmm- I don’t really recall but checking the reading list I started in 2001 the first on the list is Temptation by Jude Deveraux which included some lovely Scottish accents!
    Thanks again for sharing audiobooks and for the giveaway. 🙂

  12. The first audiobook that I ever listened to was The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society in Nov 2010. That audiobook was what hooked me!! There were multiple narrators, and it is still my favourite narration today.

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

  13. I used to sleep with the books my parents read to me at night, they were so precious I couldn’t stand to be away from them.

    The first audio book I listened to was “The Life of Pi” and I was blown away by the actor who read it. I may have come late to the audio party, but that book made me an audiobook fan forever.

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  15. My earliest book memory is of The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew. I honestly don’t remember much about the book except that it was one of many that I never finished. I remember not finishing a lot of books when I was a kid. What I relished most was the going-to-the-library itself. I would go alone on the city bus, probably at age 9 or 10. Just as I do now in a bookstore or library or on the LibriVox site, I spent hours browsing. I confess that the look, feel, age — and now, thankfully, the sound — of a book are as intriguing to me as the story itself. I just discovered Iambik, so pardon me while I go browsing…….

  16. I refused to go to bed unless my mother would read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to me. LOL!

  17. The first book I recall being read to me was one named ‘Ellie’s Step’ which was about a girl and her pleasure in the simple world around her. She would have tea parties on her doorstep and peer at a spider in the crack and other inane things. Not the most gripping, but I adored it. As for the first book I recall reading myself, I’ll have to say ‘Little So-And-So And The Dinosaurs’ read to my younger sisters. My first audiobook was wither an Enid Blyton one or One Hundred And One Dalmatians to keep us quiet on long car journeys.

  18. The first book I remember reading and really enjoy it was A Walk to remember by Nicholas Sparks. My teacher recommended it to me and after that I was hooked on reading. Now I have all of Nicholas Sparks books. (except the new on that just came out)

  19. Congrats on a year, Iambik!
    The first book I ever read myself was a Bananas in Pyjamas book when I was about 5 or 6, and I don’t know where I’d be now without reading =D

  20. I started reading in a very young age but cannot remember the first book I had read. As for audiobooks, I first listened to self help books such as Enchantment and Linchpins until I realized I can actually listen to fiction. My first Fiction audiobook was The Hunger Games and I haven’t stopped listening to audiobook since. It helps me “read” more books, as I can catch up on my “reading” while doing other things such as commuting, laundering and cooking…

  21. I remember one of the first books I ever read was from the Magic Key series, which yes I know is really a book series to help children read but the stories, no matter how same, the idea if a magic key that can take you to these magic places in time is quite amazing, I think 🙂 One of the first (proper) books I can remember being read to me as a kid was, of course, the Harry Potter series. We always used to make sure we would read the books before the film would come out but by the time we got to the Goblet of fire, we could only get through half until it was in the Cinema.

  22. Just for fun, as I am one of the narrators who has far too many audiobooks already… my earliest memory of reading was Teddy Robinson, from the only children’s shelf at our local library. (They gave me an adult ticket when I was 8, as I had read everything in the children’s section.) Teddy Robinson was “the cuddly but accident-prone” teddy bear who belonged to a little girl called Deborah and had all kinds of crazy adventures. And I so well remember telling my Mum that Deborah was pronounced De-BOR-ah. I don’t think she ever managed to convince me otherwise.

  23. Yes, I love free books and my pockets seem to empty themselves rather more often than I’d like. Would love to win this prize, also wishing things like this came up more often, all the other audio download sites I know of are so expensive and never give anything much away. This is good.

  24. The very first audio book my mum purchased for me was Cassandra Clare’s City of Ashes. I had searched and searched and searched for the second book to the series and I couldn’t find it, I was so gutted!! Then I went on holiday to NEW YORK CITY and met CASSSANDRA CLARE herself!! I asked for her autograph and also asked where I could find the second book in her series because I couldn’t find it in England. She walked and talked with me and directed me to Barnes and Nobles, could you believe it, they didn’t have the second book in real life!! However, they did have an audio book, so in the end my mum bought me the audio book!!

  25. I read a lot when I was younger, and I have no idea which book came first, but I do remember one of the first books I got out of the school library all by myself. It was called “Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon”, and I loved it.

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