June is Audiobook Month, or as we like to call it, Discount Season

We’re big fans of June around here, and not just because it means bikinis and ice cream. It also means books on the beach, particularly fed directly to your brain by way of your ears. Look for a month of audiobook discounts and other goodies in celebration of June is Audiobook Month (#jiam2012 if you’re following in hashtag land).

To get us started, for the next week (or longer, if I develop a case of June fever), get a special collection of these recent Sci-Fi/Fantasy titles at 50% off by entering the code jiam2012-scifi at checkout. You shouldn’t miss this. Add these books to your cart, enter the code jiam2012-scifi and dig out your sunscreen. Enjoy!


A Book of Tongues coverA Book of Tongues by Gemma Files. Narrated by Gordon Mackenzie.  Published in print by ChiZine.
“(A) boundary-busting horror-fantasy debut . . . Files smoothly weaves an unusual magic system, Aztec mythology, and a raunchily explicit gay love story into a classic western tale of outlaws and revenge . . . this promising debut fully delivers both sizzling passions and dark chills.” Publishers Weekly


A Rope of Thorns coverA Rope of Thorns by Gemma Files. Narrated by Gordon Mackenzie.  Published in print by ChiZine.
“This sequel to A Book of Tongues paints a stark, vivid, and gory picture of the ‘wild west’ in the years following the Civil War. . . . Filled with antiheroes, sacrificial victims, and supernatural beings, Files’s latest is not for the squeamish but should delight fans of gothic Western fantasy and Central American myths.” Library Journal


The Other coverThe Other by Matthew Hughes. Narrated by Edward Willett.  Published in print by Underland Press.
“Hughes serves up equal measures of wit, intrigue, and seat-of-the-pants action and even dabbles a little in Jungian psychology.” — Booklist


The Silence of Trees coverThe Silence of Trees by Valya Dudycz Lupescu. Narrated by Xe Sands.  Published in print by Wolfsword Press.
“Few book reviews start with a foot rub but, really, more should. In one of the most thrilling scenes in Valya Dudycz Lupescu’s first novel—exciting for its unabashed passion and feminism, and most important for the new story it promises to start even thirty pages from the book’s end…” Kristin Thiel, The Nervous Breakdown