Introducing Crime Collection #2

These hot July nights are made for the steamy filth of city sidewalks, shadows lurking in the dark, and bodies dropping under mysterious circumstances.  Of course, it’s better for all of us if the blood, shadows, and soot are relegated to fiction.  And so, we introduce Iambik’s second Crime fiction release, six nail-biting, suspense-heavy, genre-defying works from today’s leading independent U.S. and Canadian crime fiction publishers.  You may need to leave a light on after some of these:

Hard Cold Whisper by Michael Hemmingson. Narrated by Adam Verner (Black Mask)
“[Hemmingson’s writing] is a twisted mix of sin and redemption.”
— American Book Review

Listen to the Dead by Randall Peffer. Narrated by Art Carlson (Tyrus Books)
“Fueled by sex, drugs, long-suppressed memories, and the practice of Santeria, this fast-paced fifth entry in Peffer’s series (after Bangkok Dragons, Cape Cod Tears)is unusual and intriguing”
— Library Journal

Richmond Noir by Various. Narrated by Charles Bice (Akashic Books)
“A lovingly compiled entry in Akashic’s strong regional noir series, this could have appeal beyond the Commonwealth and its capital.”
– Library Journal

The Painted Messiah by Craig Smith.  Narrated by Clive Catterall (Myrmidon)
“I got paper friction burns on my fingers and pressure sores elsewhere because I could barely move until I’d finished it.”
– Paul Doherty, author of the Hugh Corbett mysteries

Thought You Were Dead by Terry Griggs.  Narrated by Gregg Margarite (Biblioasis)
“Griggs’s finest joke lies in her decision to set her novel in the publishing industry, which allows her to riff on tacky book covers and take aim at everyone from aspiring writers to copy editors to a lowly book reviewer who meets an untimely demise.”
— Lee Ferguson, CBC Arts & Entertainment

The Vaults by Toby Ball.  Narrated by Michael Agostini (St. Martin’s Press)
“Astonishingly, Toby Ball is a first-time novelist. The Vaults succeeds on every level, in its language, plotting, and ability to enthrall readers.”
– Mystery Scene Magazine

Complete Crime #2 Collection: All six titles for $29.99!