McSweeney’s Books has published over thirty-five titles, including Nick Hornby’s Songbook, How We Are Hungry by Dave Eggers, and William T. Vollmann’s 3,300-page treatise on violence, Rising Up and Rising Down. Recent books have been honored by the National Book Critics Circle Awards, the Independent Press Awards, and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum at the Smithsonian. Our list is getting longer and longer, but we continue our commitment to publishing books we love and hope you will love too.

Within McSweeney’s Books, we have four imprints. McSweeney’s Rectangulars is our new fiction series, featuring original works by writers varying wildly in style and subject matter, but all pushing the form forward. Believer Books collects works from some of the magazine’s most popular contributors, such as Nick Hornby, Jim Shepard, and Javier Marías; in addition, Believer Books introduces books from around the non-English-speaking world, publishing them in English for the first time. The Collins Library is our series of handsome reprints of forgotten classics, edited by Paul Collins, a good and brilliant man. McSweeney’s Irregulars is our newest addition, a collection of irregular books of irregular content appearing at irregular intervals. Most of the Irregulars aim to be funny.

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