Linette Geisel

I have always been drawn to the written word. Growing up I was that little girl who was forever saying, “just one more page” or “just let me finish this chapter”. I never did understand how my parents knew when I was up late reading. After all I was certain the blanket over my head was blocking out all traces of the flashlight. 🙂

All these years later I find myself the recipient of a great honor. To be trusted by an author in bringing voice to their work. Each project is memorable and one which I take great pride in. It is my hope that the author will realize a new level of satisfaction in their work through the addition of voice and my interpretation of the text.

As much as I enjoy reading I also enjoy having others read to me. I find myself frequently on long trips and have come to rely on readers to keep me entertained during transit. I hope that the listener will find the time they spend with me to speed their journey.

So, gather around, let me tell you a story….

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