Clive Catterall

When Clive was small he just had to take new toys apart before playing with them. Since he was occasionally able to put one back together without too many spare parts left over, he studied Mechanical Engineering at university and then spent several years working in a Design Consultancy.

After leaving the Consultancy he worked as a Scientific Instrument Designer, a Musical Instrument Maker, and finally a Secondary School Technology Teacher.

Clive has always been interested in storytelling, and has recorded audiobooks for LibriVox and Iambik. As well as recording audiobooks, Clive writes and illustrates non-fiction for children. Reviews in major national newspapers all agreed that some of the projects in his books are actually legal and do not contravene the 1865 Explosives Act. Following the international success of Enriching Uranium in the Home for Fun and Profit*, he is currently writing The UFO Owner’s Workshop Manual.

*Homeland Security Footnote: This book does not exist, and you can’t prove anything. So There.