The Pioneer (Book 3 of the Alford Saga)

Paul Almond

Paul Almond

McArthur & Company

Bo Harwood


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Enthralling and adventurous, The Pioneer is Book 3 in the Alford Saga, a series chronicling two hundred years of Canadian history, as seen through the eyes of a settler’s family.

The riveting Alford Saga continues with James Alford, the Deserter, battling old age and ferocious winters, but even more crippling, the departure of his son and only heir, Young Jim, who sets out on snowshoes for Montreal, seven hundred miles away. Arriving at last in Montreal, Jim is driven by starvation into a back-breaking job constructing the Victoria Bridge. Jim finds lodgings with an Irish widow in Griffintown, and falls in love. After being deceived in this romance, he rejects the bitter realities of urban life and returns to the Old Homestead and its community of pioneers. His ageing father recruits him to rally recalcitrant neighbours to found a school for their children and a church for their worship in Shigawake.

First Line

James Alford pushed back his chair and looked up at his wife, Catherine, pouring a cup of tea by the open fire for her eighty-year-old mother.

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