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Earth Logic (Elemental Logic Book 2)

This is the second book of the Elemental Logic series, preceded by Fire Logic. Earth * Air * Water * Fire A sweeping drama of war, intrigue, magic, and love. With Earth Logic, Laurie J. Marks continues the epic of her … Continue reading

Inner Diverse (Splintered Universe Book 2)

This is Book 2 of the Splintered Universe series. This metaphysical thriller trilogy started with Outer Diverse. Detective Rhea Hawke continues her quest for truth and justice in a world that is not what it seems. Rhea’s search takes her … Continue reading

Stealing Home (Steele Chronicles Book 3)

The eagerly anticipated conclusion to The Steele Chronicles! When Frank Steele retired from the police force to work as a private detective, he left behind more foes than friends. His girlfriend Nancy disappears in a high-tech abduction, no trace of … Continue reading


Celia’s body is not her own, but even her conscious mind can barely tell the difference. Living on the cutting edge of biomechanical science was supposed to allow her to lead a normal life in a near-perfect copy of her … Continue reading

Spirit Singer

Amarynth is a spirit singer, gifted–or cursed, as she sometimes thinks–with the ability to lead the spirits of the dead from the Lower World through the Between World to the Gate of the Upper World and the Light that lies … Continue reading

The Pilgrim (Book 4 of the Alford Saga)

The Pilgrim is the fourth book of The Alford Saga, following The Deserter, The Survivor, and The Pioneer. In 1896, young rector Jack Alford is sent to the implacable, granite shores of Labrador on the vast St. Lawrence River. Hazards … Continue reading

Fire Logic (Elemental Logic Book 1)

This is the first book of the Elemental Logic series. The second book is Earth Logic. Earth * Air * Water * Fire These elements have sustained the peaceful people of Shaftal for generations, with their subtle powers of healing, … Continue reading

Literary Fiction Collection 5

Enjoy a tale of two sisters involved in an imaginative new style of performance art; a classic exploration of sexual politics; a hilarious story of self-discovery by way of an orange couch; the first in a thrilling series chronicling a … Continue reading

Literary Fiction Collection 4

Need a fresh topic for spirited stimulating conversation with a would-be suitor? Want to take a pencil sharpener to your brain, laugh until you make yourself snort, take a trip to the darkest of places, or marvel over the magic … Continue reading

Literary Fiction Collection 3

This collection contains all titles from our third literary fiction release. Titles: – Amphibian – The Painting and the City – Then We Saw the Flames – How They Were Found – The Autobiography of Jenny X – With or Without You