The Man Who Folded Himself

David Gerrold

Charles Bice

BenBella Books

Alex Bowyer


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The Man Who Folded Himself, written in 1973 (and reissued by BenBella in 2003) is a classic science fiction novel by award-winning author David Gerrold. This work was nominated for both Hugo and Nebula awards and is considered by some critics to be the finest time travel novel ever written.

First Line

I hadn’t seen Uncle Jim in months.


"David Gerrold proves that he can do all the things that made us love Heinlein's storytelling -- and often better." -- ORSON SCOTT CARD

"This is all widely imaginative and mindbending... Gerrold is such a good writer that he keeps us reading through... shifts of time, space and character -- right into pre-history... After reading this one, time-machine addicts will never quite be able to look at the gadget again as a simple plaything." --PUBLISHER WEEKLY.

"A major talent" -- BOOKLIST

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