Collected Fictions — Selections

Gordon Lish

Gordon Lish

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This is a collection of short stories selected and narrated by Gordon Lish himself. The stories are taken from his Collected Fictions.

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“Gordon Lish, famous for all the wrong reasons, has written some of the most fascinating American fiction of the last ten years.” – Don DeLillo

“Reading [Lish’s] stories is like looking at the gears of a clock that’s missing a face.” - D. T. Max

“With writing reminiscent of Stein or Beckett, Lish reminds his readers that the actual past and the remembered past are different, and he fleshes out every possible perspective … These details — haunting, funny, ordinary, pitiable — are the real stuff of life.” - Boston Review

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Print Publication Date: Jun 15, 2010
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