Kingmaker’s Sword (Book 1 of the Runeblades of Celi)

Ann Marston

Kirk Ziegler

Five Rivers Publishing

Linda Andrus


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Son of a Lost King The Skai and the Tyr were one people long ago. But that day is lost in the mists of time. And now the Skai have sent a warrior to find the Rune Blade that could slice through the darkness of blood and violence that had fallen across their land.

A warrior as beautiful as she was fierce. She returned my Tyran glance with a Skai boldness all her own. “And when you find the lost prince that has the sword you seek, ” I asked, “Will you marry him?”

“I might, ” she said. “I might have to kill him.”

I looked down at the blade that lay as bright as a promise in my hand. And the adventure that was to transform my life began…

First Line

He dreamed again of the Swordmaster.


"This is an exceptionally well-done Celtic fantasy....a multiple-layered prince-in-disguise story...a lively mix of action, romance and cultural details. This one grabbed me from the start." — Locus

"Tolkien fans take note! Kingmaker’s Sword has the spirit and the heart of Tolkien in it." — Bookends

"With Kingmaker’s Sword, a beautiful and potent new voice enters the world of fantasy. Gleaming swordplay meets timeless romance in a novel of shimmering extremes." — Mike Resnick, author of Stalking the Unicorn

"Ann Marston brings to life a fascinating medieval world of magic and mayhem, of love and honor, and of complex, engaging characters." — Adventures of Sword and Sorcery

"Kingmaker’s Sword is a fresh, highly entertaining tale, engagingly written. And the best part is that there’s more to come in the saga." — Sasha Miller, author of Ladylord.


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